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3 simple steps to automating content creation for businesses

Everyone participating in the content generation process is aware of the amount of time, work, and money required. A significant portion of their efforts goes toward writing content that might appear at the top of search results.

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The use of automation and content research tools can help you save time and money. We’ll go over how to do that in this article. Use this advice and techniques to produce high-quality content that Google and readers will adore.

What is content automation, and why is it necessary?

You undoubtedly understand the advantages of using systems as a business owner who frequently has to complete several jobs simultaneously. Systems in your company let you concentrate your energy on the things that require it while easing some of the pressure, likewise with content marketing. You’re a busy person who probably doesn’t want to spend more time than necessary developing and sharing material, even if you enjoy doing it.

Utilizing content automation solutions can increase your productivity throughout the whole content life span, from conducting research to producing and optimizing content.

Steps involved in content automation

Here is a three-step process for systematizing and automating parts of your content marketing strategy to give you back more control over your time.

Step 01: Choosing the subject of the article

A significant portion of the content generation process for many SEO and content marketing professionals begins with targeted keywords. After all, looking out for relevant keywords is the initial step in finding a blog topic. It is a method for learning what issues are being discussed the most. You’re learning which subjects are more popular right now.

Pay special attention to the size of the database your keyword research tool has and how much you can trust its accuracy. To ensure that you can automate everything, examine if your keyword research tool can match these 5 points:

  • Based on a root phrase, suggest related, protracted, and comparable keywords with different search frequencies.
  • Give you thorough and precise information on keyword metrics
  • Emphasize the SERP criteria.
  • Indicate the user’s idea of a keyword.
  • Demonstrate the dynamic nature of a keyword’s SERP

In this regard, SE Ranking’s Keyword Research tool fulfills all the requirements. Additionally, because it’s a component of a wider ecosystem of technologies, you can easily manage all of the data on your website from a single center.

Step 02: Construct a content brief

Specify in the content brief the way you want the post to look. Create a thorough brief using the material. Remove the competitors to maintain only the websites that are comparable in regards to user desire. Visit the websites of each competitor to ensure that they are effectively presenting the subject to their audience. Not simply the correct audience, but also the stage in the buyer’s journey, should be taken into account while creating the content.

Review the content requirements for your next article once you’ve chosen the appropriate digital competitors. You are able to modify the default numbers in SE Ranking’s Content Marketing Platform, which are currently displayed as the average of all selected competitors. Think about making your own decisions about the text’s word count or character limit, the number of headings and paragraphs it should have, and the number of images it will incorporate.

Step 03: Create an article with an optimal copy

Use the comprehensive SEO content brief as a guide while developing the article copy as a content creator.  You have two options: you can use a rewriting tool for assistance if you’re stuck, or you can follow the conventional path and compose the content right away.

Almost all current content marketing automation tools allow you the option to copy a passage of text from a competitor’s website and use it in your own writing. It then provides you with original options that you may use in your post.


Automate typical manual tasks by letting your content automation platform handle the bulk of the work. Free up time to work on more worthwhile, creative projects.

When implemented properly, content marketing automation solutions can increase your digital business’ productivity, save you some money each month, improve customer experience, and raise the general caliber of your goods and services.