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6 Customer Service Mistakes Online Sellers Make During the Holiday Season

In a few weeks, people will be expressing love (gifts) as winter approaches. The festive season is renowned as being the busiest and most essential period of the year for customers and e-commerce firms. The holiday season is highly anticipated, and everyone, from local shops to major corporations, wants to take advantage of the chance. This time of year accounts for over 40% of Asian eCommerce sales.

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If you’re not prepared to deal with increased customer traffic to your online store, they may also be the most stressful. Your holiday sales estimates can be destroyed and you can get quite stressed out by website breakdowns, dissatisfied customers, and shipping delays.

Make plans now to stay away from these typical blunders for a more pleasant and successful festive shopping season regardless of the number of people who show up.

Mistake 01: Ignoring the need to update your website to incorporate festive themes

Your website’s appearance throughout the holidays has an impact on how your customers perceive what you might be able to offer them. When it comes to updating their websites to embrace the festive spirit, online companies can be hesitant because it will increase their expenditures. Customers probably sense that they’re not the best place to get their holiday gifts. Your online store is failing to make billions of predicted e-commerce sales for the current holiday season since you made the error of neglecting to revamp your website.

The sales of the products can be significantly impacted by revealing specs, high-quality photos, relevant features, and advantages. Therefore, you must make sure that the information on your website and item catalogs is always updated.

Mistake 02: Launching promotions too late

The majority of businesses and retailers wait until the very last minute to start their campaigns because that is usually when everything falls into place. If you intend to provide discounts and gifts, you should promote these initiatives well in advance.

Keep in mind that you only have a short window of opportunity to turn season traffic into purchases. If you don’t, customers won’t be aware of your promotions, and despite huge traffic, your conversion rates will be inadequate.

Mistake 03: Ignoring the need to create a landing page to advertise your holiday deals

Landing pages concentrate solely on turning online users into leads. Because of this, setting up a special landing page during the seasons can assist you in converting the massive influx of purchasers into successful holiday sales.

However, 76% of the online retailers studied did not have a landing page that was centered on a Holiday deal. Because of the potential for severe competition during the biggest shopping season, you must have a page that is exclusively dedicated to promoting your Holiday products. The barrier of customers’ limited ability to focus can also be reduced with the aid of a landing page.

Mistake 04: Inability to evaluate real-time campaign progress

If you are unable to monitor the advancement of your eCommerce efforts in real-time, things become challenging. Since the typical shopping season is only a few days long, it is imperative for you to constantly monitor how your promos are being viewed by your target audience.

Only if you have a complete overview of all marketing promotions, together with critical Performance indicators across platforms, can you accomplish this. This will provide you the ability to act quickly if something goes wrong on one channel at any point throughout the sales season.

Mistake 05: Underestimate the impact of social media advertisements

When it comes to holiday social media advertising, 72% of customers claim that they prefer to see advertisements from small and medium-sized firms over those from major stores. For holiday buyers looking for gift ideas as well as seasonal discounts, vouchers, or promotions, social ads can be beneficial. Even still, businesses still do not have a specific social media team to develop strategic content and track social media effectiveness.

Mistake 06: Not providing free or quick shipment

Online buyers are quite particular about delivery. To improve the consumer experience and raise brand awareness, work with your fulfillment and logistics partners to offer quick shipping or free shipping choices.

Final Thoughts:

Holiday seasons are a fantastic time to both gain and keep clients. You don’t need to be an eCommerce specialist for that, either. You will increase performance and take full advantage of these promotion periods if you are aware of these typical traps and have the proper systems and processes in place. Therefore, instead of concentrating on trying to recreate the cycle with your organizational efforts, choose wisely before these errors occur in your eCommerce firm.