Calling all Junior Android engineers! Whether you’re just starting with Swift development or are new to iOS mobile app development and still classified as “junior” — but with a passion for learning from those around you and an undying drive — we’d like to chat!

Who we are

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How You Fit In

You do know the very basics of software development. You’ve built some projects (maybe just on your own time) or are working as a junior Android engineer and want to step up your Android game. Being fully dedicated to learning comes naturally and once you’ve been at something for a few weeks, you look forward to putting your new skills to good use.


You’ll be joining our Android team and will be working on projects that usually last around 6–12 months. We usually work in product teams of 6–9 people, led by a Product Manager. You can expect to work on only one project at a time and be involved from start to finish.


On top of all that, we’re looking for someone who’s not just eager to learn but lives and breathes engineering, team spirit and FIFTH Corp.


​​The FIFTH Corp. Android team stands out with its high number of people that have been here for more than four years. It’s one of the friendliest, most tight-knit groups around, which means you can look forward to senior engineers more than happy to help out whenever you may need it.

Core Tech Stack

  • Languages: Swift, Objective-C